IRIScan Express 4 USB Portable 1200 dpi Scanner

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The IRIScan Express 4 USB Portable 1200 dpi Scanner is a compact and efficient scanning solution for all your on-the-go needs. With its sleek and lightweight design, it is perfect for professionals, students, and travelers alike.

Featuring an impressive 1200 dpi resolution, this scanner ensures outstanding clarity and detail in every scan. Whether you are capturing documents, receipts, business cards, or even photos, the IRIScan Express 4 delivers high-quality results every time.

One of the standout features of this scanner is its versatility. Powered by its USB connectivity, it effortlessly connects to your laptop or computer, eliminating the need for any additional power supply. This makes it ideal for use in various locations such as coffee shops, libraries, or even on a plane.

With its advanced scanning technology, the IRIScan Express 4 allows for quick and accurate scanning. The included software facilitates easy organization and management of your scanned documents, enabling you to create searchable PDFs and editable Word or Excel files with just a few clicks.

Moreover, this scanner offers automatic document feeding, allowing you to scan multiple pages in a single pass. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual feeding or flipping of documents!

Designed with convenience in mind, the IRIScan Express 4 includes a TWAIN driver, making it compatible with most popular scanning software. Additionally, it comes bundled with Readiris Corporate, a powerful OCR software that recognizes over 130 languages, ensuring efficient and accurate text extraction from scanned documents.

The IRIScan Express 4 also boasts exceptional portability. Its slim and lightweight design allows for easy storage and transportation, fitting perfectly into your bag or briefcase. So, whether you are attending meetings, classes, or traveling for work, this scanner ensures you can capture important documents or notes wherever you go.

In summary, the IRIScan Express 4 USB Portable 1200 dpi Scanner is a reliable and versatile scanning solution that enhances your productivity on the move. With its high-resolution scanning, automatic document feeding, and powerful software, it simplifies the process of digitizing and organizing your documents. Invest in this portable scanner today and experience the convenience of scanning whenever and wherever you need it.,


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